We are building products that work, shop, and feel.

Redefining the way we work

We are on a mission to help software companies build innovative products by tapping into a global workforce and making it easy for smart people anywhere to work on products that excite them.

e{dev} is a comprehensive platform that helps tech brands across the world to hire and manage dedicated remote developers.

Enhancing the way we shop

Our ecommerce software solution offers a suite of apps that will improve sales, customer lifetime value, and customer loyalty, enriching the way people shop.

Encomm is a suite of apps that help e-commerce retailers to drive conversions, improve recurring revenue, and build brand loyalty.

Enriching the way we feel

Our online retail brands sell niche products that make consumers feel good and provide the finest shopping experience possible.

Soffway is a portfolio of niche ecommerce brands dedicated to enhancing the quality of online shopping.

Our Company


It’s pronounced ‘N-Kwos

Enqos - Enhancing Quality of Service for life

Our name is inspired from the term “Quality of Service (QoS)” in computer networking. It refers to a set of technologies that ensure a network's ability to execute high-priority, resource intensive applications under restricted network capacity. enQoS is built with this concept at its core, we are building innovative products and businesses by prioritizing and optimizing our resources for high performance.

Our name reflects our geeky creative spirit, which is also reflected in all of our tech innovations and business initiatives.

Leadership Team

Enqos was established with the goal of empowering ideas. Our leadership team believes in developing and reshaping the skill sets of our employees as well as sharing strategic technical information to enable the Enqos team to achieve repeated growth and progress. Connect with Enqos leadership team here

Sherwyn Soff

CEO & Founder

Riccardo Soff

COO & Co-Founder

Built by startups for startups


Create A Future You Want

We are always on the lookout for fresh talents who want to strive in a culture that empowers them.

With Enqos, you don’t choose a job, you choose a career that helps you grow exponentially and provides you an opportunity to learn, unlearn, and rise above.

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