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We are a technology company building solutions that enable and unlock the true potential of entrepreneurs. Enqos believes in progress that drives us to be better at what we do.

We build tech-driven solutions that fuels the e-commerce space to drive sales and create more brand advocates.

Driven by innovation, we constantly improve our products and services to bridge the gap in the tech industry.

We share our expertise to empower startups across sectors with tools that will help them scale up for a better tomorrow.

Our Company.

Enqos – Enhancing Quality of Service for everyone

Enqos was formed in 2010 with the purpose of offering quality service. We opened our doors to business in 2010 with the goal of scaling digital marketing for thousands of SMBs. We were managing over $150 million in ad revenue and supporting over 45K small businesses across North America within a year.

In 2012, our founder embarked on another tech startup and leveraged enqos to build out a dev team. That move started us on a path of creating dev teams for a close network of friends who were also tech entrepreneurs. This helped us create what is now eDev.

We were able to raise $1M in funding for our first startup with just an idea on paper.

We swiftly grew into a platform that served businesses of all sizes, including startups, major corporations, and a few Fortune 100 companies.

Innovative Growth.


We are committed to our mission of bringing ideas to life. We have grown and gained competence over the years through learning and experience. We categorized our efforts into three verticals: Startup labs, online retail and e-commerce solutions. After years of expertise, we have carefully selected our businesses to support one another while also being capable of functioning independently.

Enqos E-dev is committed to assisting startups in launching and growing their businesses by providing technical experience, guidance, and a dedicated team of vetted developers. Our startup labs and virtual teams provide the technology-driven ecosystem for your business.

Creating innovative tech solutions that simplify existing challenges in the e-commerce space. Encomm has developed a set of apps for Shopify businesses to improve sales, post-purchase experiences, and recurring revenue.

Creating smart e-commerce brands that will make a difference to consumers worldwide. Soffway is a portfolio of niche ecommerce brands dedicated to enhancing the quality of online shopping for customers.

What we Value.

Our operations and business strategies may have changed over the years, but our core values have not. We always worked towards creating solutions that may simplify current challenges and pave the way for new opportunities.


To our clients, we strive to provide the highest quality of service at the most cost-effective prices. To our employees, we strive to be the best place to learn and grow their careers while maintaining a good work-life balance. To the community, we strive to give back.


Enqos believes in helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into brands. We enable tech startups and small to large enterprises to build, scale, and support their products in the most cost-effective and efficient manner while maintaining a high-quality bar.
We love helping companies build and scale products and made it our mission to empower entrepreneurs and product leaders. We believe that unlocking the potential of entrepreneurs would transform the world.

What sets us apart?

We are a team of young, innovative minds with an entrepreneurial spirit who strive for excellence.

We have over a decade of providing technology expertise across various industry verticals such as Ad Tech, Cross Border Commerce, Online Retail, Ecommerce Solutions, Fitness Tech, Food Tech, IoT, AR VR, Mobile, Global Payments, and so on.

We don't just build products; we also offer software consulting services along with Product Development, Testing, Business Intelligence & Analytics, and Automation to assist enterprises grow and explore their growth opportunities.

We have been mentoring new startups and are willing to share our experience in order to harness the potential of young entrepreneurs who will impact the world for the better.

Built by startups for startups.


Leadership Team.

Enqos was established with the goal of empowering ideas. Our leadership team believes in developing and reshaping the skill sets of our employees as well as sharing strategic technical information to enable the Enqos team to achieve repeated growth and progress. Connect with Enqos leadership team here

Sherwyn Soff

CEO & Founder

Riccardo Soff

COO & Co-Founder

Create A Future You Want.

We are always on the lookout for fresh talents who want to strive in a culture that empowers them. With Enqos, you don’t choose a job, you choose a career that helps you grow exponentially and provides you an opportunity to learn, unlearn, and rise above.

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