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Preethi Kitchen Appliances


In April 2016, Preethi Kitchen Appliances were ready to launch their best product ever yet, the Zodiac Mixer Grinder. While this product was being marketed through TV ads, the brand wanted to promote on online platforms as well.

Preethi reached out to Enqos Digital and laid down their objective of distributing the Zodiac TVC on Facebook & YouTube in 6 major cities in India.

Enqos Digital collaborated with Preethi to create Video Ad campaigns on Facebook & YouTube to promote brand recognition and also drive engagement through four #NotJustAMixerGrinder giveaway campaigns on Facebook. Through this, users were driven to engage with the video content thereby increasing video playbacks.

The Enqos Digital team was confident on delivering results on a set budget. Preethi received a total of 1 Million video views with an interaction rate of 22% on YouTube, a 44% increase from the industry benchmark. The campaign also received over 60k post engagements with 5.12% CTR.

About Preethi Kitchen Appliances:

Preethi is one of India’s leading Kitchen Appliance brand. Founded in 1978, Preethi currently has presence in over 10 million homes in India and abroad.

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