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Preethi, one of India’s leading Kitchen Appliance brand has presence in over 10 million households in India and abroad. Over the years they have enjoyed success in mainstream channels such as TV ads, Print, Billboards and other media. But in 2013, they realised that they had to do something new to keep up with the Internet age, as social media by then had become a critical need for modern brands. Enter Enqos Digital.


Preethi partnered with Enqos Digital to create their first social media initiative. Enqos then worked with Preethi to lay down quarterly objectives, define their audience and demographics. The goal was to build a community where consumers, fans engage with the brand on Facebook. The content management team at Enqos design creative, snackable content for fans to engage with, through an organized editorial calendar. The page also features fun, interactive campaigns, giveaways and sweepstakes to further drive engagement.

Join Preethi’s active Facebook community here.

See the #NotJustAMixerGrinder campaign case study here.

In addition to Social Media Management, Enqos Digital provided an uber cool solution to view all of the brand’s social content and activity in one place – a Social Hub. Preethi’s Social Hub captures and brings social content to their website. This allows users to engage with content on the site, thereby increasing dwell time and creating a fantastic web experience.


The community has a strong active fan base of 177500 plus users who engage with the brand on a daily basis. Preethi’s Facebook page boasts a stellar 8% average engagement rate, the highest in that industry vertical. The brand’s Facebook page also has quickly become an important forum for customer relationship where feedback, product reviews, inquiries are managed.

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