Engagement Marketing Cloud

Industry Vertical: Ad Tech and CRM

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Parllay started out with Enqos Virtual Teams (co-located), 4 years ago. Since then we have grown the engineering team and built an industry-leading Marketing Cloud that competes with the likes of Salesforce and Oracle. We also use Enqos’s digital and customer support solutions. It really is a boutique of services to run your startup. You will find working with Enqos to be very professional, flexible, personable and cost effective.
They really put “you” first.
Tarek Najm, CEO & Founder of Parllay, Inc

Engagement Marketing Cloud

Technology Stack used:

Apache Spark, Hadoop, Elastic Stack, Redis, Node JS, iOS, Android, PHP, Symfony, MySql, Apache, AWS, Linux

Parllay is a Brand and Audience Engagement company with a portfolio of enterprise and consumer products for a social mobile world. Established in 2011 by a team of former Microsoft advertising and data mining executives, Parllay is enabling a discovery paradigm powered by a semantic knowledge web.

Content Discovery

Parllay organizes streams of content into a searchable index of trending topics and entities. Explore, discover and create/curate stories to share with your audience.

Social Experience Management

A unified dashboard for monitoring brand engagement. Define custom social streams, engage with user conversations, assign tasks, manage own content assets, design creatives, tag content, draft and schedule posts across channels, review in-stream performance metrics and user profiles.

Stunning UGC Experiences

Take audience engagement beyond the news feed. Expertly curate user generated content and infuse it on-brand content. Create stunning experiences, Captivate audiences at events, in-stores, on the web, mobile and just about anywhere.

Interactive Social App Campaigns

Launch visual campaigns to acquire and retain customers. Select from a gallery of apps like coupons, sweepstakes, surveys, quizzes, puzzles, mini-games and questions.

Audience Intelligence

Run adhoc queries to create audience intelligence segments. Profile influencers, various community members and create summary reports. organize users into segments and launch 1:1 engagement campaigns.

Agency & Client Management

A dashboard for managing client accounts. Create and manage accounts, a separate workspace for each client with team delegation, message approval, user roles and permissions management at the user and team levels.

Digital Asset Management

Design, store, publish, and access all your marketing assets in one place. Track usage and organize different asset file types by campaigns and folders. Assign permissions, track workflow approvals and asset history


Transform social chatter into business insights, in real-time. Spot trends, identify key influencers, monitor sentiment and track what people are saying about your business, your competitors and your industry.

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